Holidaying on a beach is the best. Nothing is comparable to this. And if you are on the Phuket tour, it must be a compulsory addition to the tour guide’s list of the best and memorable holidays. Phuket is famous for its multiple beaches, and all of them are excellent. They are the perfect place to enjoy and have the joyous activities with every one of your friends and family. Water sports, adventures, sunbath, ocean bathing and beach nightlife- everything is waiting for its tourist eagerly. So getting into these entertainments can be the best way to enjoy the holiday.Beaches Of Phuket

Patong Beach- To Be On The Top Of The List

There are lots of beaches in Phuket, and here the overview of some of the famous beaches of Phuket is being explained for the guide of the tourist. The first and the most popular one is the Patong beach. This is the beach which is often seen mist wrapped and the sunset at this beach is fabulous. It is something which should not be missed out as it is worthy to watch nature’s beauty is being dignified with the colors of the sky and the sun mingling with each other in a surrounding of romance and happiness of the world. The beach is lined up with many restaurants, fun making items, and outstanding nightlife. So this beach should be something which should be on the first of the list and should not be missed out anyway.

Karon Beach For Calmness And Romance

Are you a calm and quite person avoiding the crowd? Then Phuket presents you the Karon beach which is perfect for persons who want to enjoy thesilence of nature. This beach provided an entire presentation for any tourist to spend their holiday at this place. Budgetary hotels, dining facilities all are available surrounding this beach. And the most extravagant is the white sand beach of the Karon that is stretched out until the sea is kissing gently on it. Take a long walkon the seaside on the sand where the sea water will be touching your feet gentle making you feel fresh and happy. For local visits, there is a football stadium which is famous for its playground for national and international matches, local handicrafts, spa parlor and others to keep you busy yet happy.

Kamala Beach For Extravagant View

Next is the Kamala beach which is famous for its panoramic view of the Andaman Seasurrounded by the mountains and hills. Calm and quiet this beach also must be visited on the Phuket tour. Now a different type of beach is the Kata beach which has the watery white sand and turquoise water. An excellent view of the water and the beach will mesmerize you along with the winter’s sailing event. This event is something which should watch as a lifetime experience.

Are you waiting endlessly for the seafood then obviously visit the Surin beach famous for the seafood and also the sea.  Visit these beaches and enjoy your holidays to the most of it in Phuket will all.